Friday, 21 November 2008


I have been woken obscenely early and have been meandering around some new blogs as you do.

It has made me wonder whether to put a music gadget on here. Just some sweet/ soft/gentle stuff probably celtic in flavour.

What do you think about automatic music thingies? Annoying intrusion or pleasant addition?


Gina said...

Love the sunset in the header.

I'm against music thingies as I normally go through my blog list while I'm listening to BBC7 through the internet. It's quite unnerving having music playing over a dramatisation of Wryd Sisters. By the time I've worked out how to turn the music off I've lost half the plot.
Saying that hough it's your blog so do as you want.
Love and hugs Gina xx

Sa said...

hmm well music of a subtle pleasant nature is fine just simmering away in the background, sounds nice

Deborah Godin said...

When I visit a blog I usually like to read, think, and reply in silence, so I always keep my speakers on mute (a lot of people do have music these days). Then I turn the music on if there's something I want to hear. So, I guess I could say it doesn't bother me one way or the other. But it's nice to see what someone's taste in music is, too.

Greentwinsmummy said...

My speaker is always on mute,that way I turn it up if I want to listen,if not I dont :o)
I like music on blogs
GTM x x x

Patois said...

Don't go by me: my audio component is busted, so I work in utter silent bliss. And have for about a year now. "Silent" not taking into account my annoying offspring.

Amanda said...

Hello Sian, I've just found my way to your blog from Gina at Quilting in the Valleys. As to music, I always turn the sound off when I come across it, as it is so rarely to my taste.

Kim said...

I find the automatic music thingies, startling and then a bit annoying. I like to see what music others enjoy, and I've sampled lots of new stuff. So it can be a good thing, but I prefer to choose the play option myself. That's just me though!

Kim x

Pippa said...

I think the optional music is nice - "Ooo look, there's some music. I think I'll have a listen". But the stuff that just starts as soon as you open the page is very unwelcome indeed! Thank you for making the music optional :o)