Saturday, 22 November 2008

My Gangsta Name is what?...

Okay it is Saturday and no one checks blogs on a Saturday apart from me and Technodoll.

But if you are reading this then may I recommend you pop over to Patois and have a giggle at her hippie name...

Back? Okay. Now it is my turn


2. GANGSTA NAME: Cherry Garcia Stilleto

3. NATIVE AMERICAN NAME: Orange Hedgehog

4. SUPERHERO NAME: Cerise Merlyns

5. NASCAR NAME: George Elias

6. STRIPPER NAME: Anais Chocolate


8. SPY NAME: Harvest Tulip

9. CARTOON NAME: Cherry Slipper

10. HIPPIE NAME: Muffin Rowan

Here's how to play

1. first pet, current car

2. fave ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe

3. favorite color, favorite animal

4. 2nd favorite color, favorite drink

5. the first names of your grandfathers

6. the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy

7. 5th grade teacher's last name, name of city that starts with the same letter

8. your favorite season/holiday, flower

9. favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now

10. what you ate for breakfast, your favourite tree


Patois said...

Oh, good God, woman, you put mine to shame! Orange Hedgehog! Anais Chocolate! And my personal favorite, Muffin Rowan. Ha ha ha!

Technodoll said...

Ohhh my lordy this is hilarious... is it OK if I steal it for a post real soon??

*totally glosses over the bit about Saturday bloggers having no life*


Gina said...

I have to have a go at this

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Deborah Godin said...

Dear Orangne Hedgehog: My TV weather anchor name turned out to be Primo Palermo, which sounds more like it should be my stripper name, which started out promising but then...Oceana Coffee Crisp? I think I better go have something to eat so my hippie name won't be Nothing yet Oak.
Yours truly,
Green Moose

Lorraine said...

Sian- How you can remember your 5th grade teacher's last name is beyond me.

That was funny.

Nicole said...

He he! Too funny! I will have to do this... :D

Kim said...

This is great, and I always blog on a Saturday!!!

Kim x

Pippa said...

I did it too (in my head, not on my blog). What fun! I like your native American name.