Wednesday, 19 November 2008

In Search of Pebbles

It was a pretty day today and let's face it, how many of them are we likely to get this time of year? So Mum, Sis and I went down the Mumbles for the afternoon.
We sat in the car as the wind was pretty thin and we drank hot chocolate and ate fairy cakes while watching the gulls bob up and down on the swell.
And then I went beach combing

On the list of my favourite things, rock pools are surely in the top ten, especially ones that the tide has just left.

I was in search of pebbles of which there were more than a few.

Mostly on the beach,

but some on ledges as if laid by a rather absent minded dragon.

The above are quite small specimens, a little smaller than a hens egg and they will do just perfectly as warp weights for my tablet weaving. There is no more reason to stall on this little project. I have had the tablets for weeks and I have all the yarn a girl would ever need. I even have a proper reason/ goal for the braid rather than just pootling about. But...but...but I am loath to get going on it. Procrastination - I duz it.

As you can see, I have found the camera, so there will probably be an increase in posts for a least until I lose the camera again.
Hope you had a pretty day too.


Kati said...

Ooooh, can you take pics of your Tablet weaving once you get it started? It sounds so interesting!

Nicole said...

And what, pray tell, are fairy cakes?

Anonymous said...

Sian. Procrastination.will i or won't i. will i or won't i, GET IT DONE. GET ON WITH can do it kid if you find you don't like it move on to other to all.

Kim said...

I love the idea of an absent minded dragon :) and I'm looking forward to seeing what you are making, so stop putting it off and hurry up (please!)

Kim x

Patois said...

Ah, I love the thought of the absent-minded dragon.

Technodoll said...

A lady after my own heart. I loove beachcombing like no other activity on earth! Well, besides eating perhaps. and sleeping :-)

Sian said...

Kati: Will do, as long as it not a tangled mess of course :o)

Nicole: They are very small, very light sponge cup cakes.

POD: I am working as hard as I can! :o) See you Sunday.

Kim: Thank you :o) and I will get moving with it very soon. Hope your glazing went well btw :o)

Patois: The absent minded dragon and I have a lot in common! :o)

TD: Our local beaches are particularly good for combing, then off for fish'n'chips and an ice cream and then home for a nap after all that fresh air! A perfect day.