Monday, 17 November 2008

Of Kids and Kidding About

Getting the kidlings ready for school this morning in my rather tea deprived state Rose squawked-
"Look at my foot!"
In so far as I could, I whirled round to face what awful thing had happened to my baby to see a grotesque bulge under her big toe.
"Good grief!" I shriek. "What the heck is that?"
"It's my wart" she says, completely straight faced.
I just about passed out in horror, when - in the nick of time - she withdrew a marble from her sock.
I think the word is pwned.

In other news, here is my latest bash at a cloak. In a former life it was an ancient Welsh wool blanket, slightly scratchy but still comforting and very very warm. I have dyed it from a distressing Calpol pink to its present shade of milk chocolate. It is a classic hobbit cloak. Cut on the cross, two quarter circles sewn into a half and it drapes very happily around my shoulders.

I am particularly pleased with the clasp which I purchased from a viking re-enactment store in Copenhagen. I love the WWW.
More pictures of sewing projects soon. I am on the last leg of the costume marathon now and I will be glad to get back to my spinning wheel. I miss it.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I got a little medieval this weekend....I thought about you guys when I was at the Renaissance Festival.

Picture coming soon!

Technodoll said...

I'd love to see it on you to get a good idea of how it falls :-)

And now you know why I don't have kids. I'd be dead of a heart-attack a long time ago.


Sian said...

WW: I would love to go to a Ren faire. The costumes look so beautiful. Did you and Cody dress up?

TD: Righto, I try and get one posted.
They say kid induced heart failure is part of the fun y'know :o)

Patois said...

Your daughter's prank would get any one of us going.

I love the color of the cloak. It's beautiful.

Lorraine said...

Sian- Kids. Where would we be without them?

Probably sane and less stressed, that's where.

Deborah Godin said...

That clasp just about gives me goose-bumps it's so pretty. Don't lose your camera before sending pictures of the finished project! Loved the beach photos, too. Is there anything so wonderful as water-smoothed rocks!?

Kati said...

ah, the cloak looks lovely! I'd also love to see it on ya.

As for the kiddo's comments.... *grin* What a goof! Glad it was just a joke.

Kim said...

That is a lovely cloak and the clasp is just heavenly. Very elvish, actually :)

Kim x

Pippa said...

Oooo nice. And loving the clasp.