Saturday, 3 January 2009

Not Resolutions but...

Carpe Jugulum as Mr Pratchett would say. After a rather poxy December I am filled with the ambition to get shifting once again. While I recognise that energy reserves are a bit low at the moment it is still a pleasant activity to sit, cup of tea in hand, and mull over the year ahead. I make no attempts at lofty goals but it is good to have a target and these are mine right now.
I may well fall short but here's to the attempt at least.

Sort out the wretched heap that I call a garden. This involves some tasks that are small in number but massive in effect...
  • Hire out a man with a van to clear the debris of last summer (including a large piece of corrugated metal that was blown in with the storms we had in August)
  • Hire another bloke who can handle a chainsaw to get rid of a few overgrown conifers.
  • Re-roof the little shed
  • Plant two thornless blackberries, two blackcurrant bushes and some potato plants to break the ground up a bit.
If I can do all that by Autumn I will be mightily pleased with myself

  • De-clutter for half an hour at least once a week
  • Establish rather better household care routines than I have in effect right now. Fly Lady will point me in the right direction.
  • Re do Rose's room. We had a brain storming session the other night and have come up with some wonderfully funky ideas. Fairy lights feature strongly as well as fun fur covered bookshelves, sequinned curtains and walls the colours of liquorice allsorts. She's my girl for certain.
I aim to get this established/ accomplished by springtime.

  • Get back into water colour painting. I used to love to paint miniatures as a teenager. I wouldn't mind giving it another go
  • Re learn the recorder. V bought me a new and beautiful pear wood medieval recorder for Christmas. I fell in love with it at the traders fair in Autumn but couldn't countenance the expense. He ordered one for me shortly afterwards. How fab is that?
  • With regards to spinning and felting I intend to work mostly from my stash this year but I am not restricting myself as to yarn. However, I will stop the impulse purchases of beautiful yarn just for the joy of beautiful yarn. From now on all yarn must be bought for a pre-determined project.
This is the whole year laid out

  • Make time to do Pilates - I want my waist back! (by May at latest)
  • Follow the Soul Coaching book with Kim. (28 days from whenever the book gets delivered)
  • Dabble in archery a bit more. It is fun. (As and when throughout the year - next training day 11th of Jan)
  • Investigate reiki courses in this area. It sounds very interesting. (Also as and when the time is right)

So that is where I am at right now. How about you? Have you got anything you would like to accomplish before the year rolls round again?


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Those sound like resolutions to me :o)

I only know how to play Hot Cross Buns on a recorder!

Technodoll said...

What a lovely and inspiring post, Sian - your blog is always a treat and a treasure, as you prove every time :-)

This year... Vegas and I are getting married (next weekend actually), I am quitting my office job in 3 months and we are buying a house, moving out of the stinky city (finally) and I am starting my own business... a luxury dog boarding kennel.

Whew. My head is spinning but finally, I feel alive!!

Happiest New Year to you and your family!

Gina said...

I don't do resolutions as such but I do aim to be a bit more organised. Start making to do lists on a Sunday night to work through in the week. Tried the Fly lady system but it wasn't for me I'm afraid, good luck with it though.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

What am i going to do this year,just sit and watch you get all these thing's done.i need a rest just thinking about your work sheet. go and get them done. but make sure the family are moving about,I can see you painting anything that doesn't move.God bless you and keep you all.

Deborah Godin said...

That's an impressive list and fun to read about. I can't speak anyone but myself, but I for one won't ask you for a tally at year's end! Me, I intend to enlist some help moving the 'portable treadmill' to a place where I'll be much more likely to use it (view of TV, birdfeeders, lake). At least 2o minutes everyday is my goal, but please don't ask me for a tally at year's end, either...

Patois said...

I shall now have to find out about the Soul Coaching. The title itself is quite intriguing.

Your man is fabulous. That recorder sounds divine. (And I'm sure you'll make it "sound" divine in no time at all.)

Kati said...

Those do sound like some great goals, Sian!!! Best of luck in keeping/achieving them!

Lorraine said...

Sian- Stopping the impulse purchases is the tough one for me.

I just have to stay away from the internet.

Lovely about the recorder, how sweet.

Sa said...

hello dear, sorry have not been in touch, this weather is cripling me at the moment. I am trying to stay warm and am looking like a stuffed aubergine with all my layers on. Not sure Fflad yr brenin will be a good idea for me this year if the cold weather sticks around. But will let you know as soon as I can! Thanks love, if you need anything please ring as derry can still use both legs and arms freely

Pippa said...

Sounds like a great year is in store :o)