Tuesday, 14 October 2008

When the Cat's away...

the mice eat what the heck they want. Discuss:

Me: - rummaging in the cupboard, hungry after work - Where are the biscuits?
V: Eaten
Me: The whole packet?
V: Yup
Me: -with gathering dread - What did you give them for tea tonight?
V: Well, they were being really picky and everything
Me: Yeeees?And?
V: So they had crisps
Me: ...and biscuits
V: and those little red circular things
Me: ^&*(!...?
V: Those red circles you put on pizza
Me: They ate the chorizo?
V: Yeah
Me: What!
V: Hey, it's what Dad's do.

Thank goodness I only work part time.


Deborah Godin said...

"Red circles" Ya just gotta love guy-speak!

p.s. I LOL'd at the LOL Cat, too.

Gina said...

Mine's the same. When ever he's in charge they end up at KFC's even when I've left something for dinner.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

haha, Cody and I have similar conversations.....although, he's the only one to blame for eating all the goodies!

Anonymous said...

for better for wurse or something like that he is a dad after all not like you women who never ever get it wrong.

Technodoll said...

Bouah ahahhaha! oh dear... thankfully he left out the Guiness served with a straw! :-D

Sa said...

Now What did you expect? Men don't do obvious crafty lady!! You need to stock up your freezer and leave something on the baking tray that he only has toput in on gas mark5 for 15 mins. Lol on second thoughts... I'm with gina KFC it is! lol. missing you!! Coffee please soon, I am loosing my ability to converse in anything other than 6 year old babble!

Cherub said...

oh dear, i'm so glad i've not got a man to stress me out that way lol, mind you my 3 know exactly where all the munchies are so would quite happily help themselves to what they wanted be it from the fridge or cupboard. In time your little ones will learn to do the same then you can relax a little :)
love the cat :)

Lorraine said...

Sian- My kids don't seem to like anything unless it's take-out or comes from a box.

And men, while sometimes useful, are hopeless when it comes to meals.

Anonymous said...

ho no someone as got stick up for men. No.1 Men can cook Don't need a book to look at? No.2 Men can read a Readdymeal box not saying he go'es along with it. No.3 He is not daft gives kids what they want because he will eat the same kfc etc. meal done. No.4 You women are to blame you should take timeout and from day one you should be teaching him your ways but no to busy eating choc bic's and drinking tea and coffee..Men are lost that's why God made women he did it wrong first time round now come on lady's men are weak help them. he is like a pet dog all he wants is a roof over his head a few meals a day and to be loved not a clip around the ear he can not help it. My name is DAI JONES FROM ABERSOMETHING>??????

Kim said...

Mine's the same too, and when I was laid up with a bad foot for a month, one night I was served a plate of hash browns, waffles, chips and tiny chicken wings! I was desperate for something green and leafy!

Kim x

Pippa said...

Haha! I do so love to hear your family stories. That cat made me laugh too :o)

Patois said...

Blech. I can't believe they ate it.

Kate quilts... said...

Can I send you Patrick? If you lock him in a room with V they can keep themselves busy with circular conversation while you feed the children PROPERLY. LOL