Thursday, 30 October 2008

Six Random Things

Nan from Shells and Roses (a beautiful blog filled with cats and other lovely things so do pop over and say hello) tagged me for this and though I have done it before it doesn't mean that I can't do it again. So...
  1. I still find it hard to not believe in Father Christmas. There is something in me that really wants the North Pole and the reindeer and all the rest to sneakily be true.
  2. The same with Hogwarts really. It would be happy to think that there is a magical school in the Highlands with Quidditch and the giant squid and everything else. Not Voldemort though, he is not invited...
  3. And while we are on the theme of know at the end of Labyrinth, when the Goblin King asks Sarah to just love him and everything? I never understood why she turned him down - I mean I understand now but when I was a teenager there would have been no decision at all - pass me that white sparkly frock thank you very much!
  4. Autumn makes me feel sad - but I love Halloween and Bonfire Night and the wonderful comfort food we can eat this season
  5. I am tremendously untidy which is unfortunate as I like my environment to be kept neat.
  6. I am a qualified teacher but would like very much to re-train as a nurse. It is a big decision though and not one to be rushed. I am still thinking about it - watch this space
And that is it. I won't tag anyone for this because there is no one left to tag I think. But if you feel like doing it let me know and I'll pop over and take a look at your randomness which I am certain will be far more random than mine!


Nan and =^..^= said...

hi sian,
enjoyed reading your "randomness" and Happy Halloween to you and your family!
Thanks so much for the kind mention of my blog...stop by again!
best wishes!

Kim said...

How funny to read that you are untidy but like everything neat. That's exactly how I am and if I could, I would have someone follow me and keep things tidy around me ;) Much like I do with the children, he,he!

Kim x

Lorraine said...

Sian- I am tidy, but live in a mess, and I haven't figured out why.

I always tell my teenagers that those who don't believe in Santa don't get gifts.

Technodoll said...

Autumn is also a strange season for me... you love it, but you are at odds for what it represents. Bugger!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'm with you about Hogwarts.....for serious! Tonight we caught a sneak peek of Half Blood Prince.....I soooo can't wait!

Pippa said...

I had no idea that you're a qualified teacher! Well well well.

v said...

Personally I think that Harry potter is biggest pile of unadulterated cows dung that I have ever had the misfortune to clap my eyes on. To so say that its utter drivel would be an insult to the word drivel by mere association.
I consider it an insult to my backside that I once sat down and watched the tedious ponderings of a deranged and dull imagination unfold, waiting for it to become more than the turgid offal that gave my stomach gastroenteritis.
At least the end is near. lol

v said...

Actually, the later ones weren't so bad!
Just thought it would be fun to say it. lol