Saturday, 18 October 2008


It is 7 am.
It is dark and raining out.
I am snuggled under two blankets, a cat and a warm laptop.
It is very peaceful.

Rumblings from upstairs indicate that this is all about to end.
Soon, porridge will be demanded.
and warm milk
V will trundle downstairs
I'll light the fire, it's pretty chilly down here,

Slowly the day starts.
I'm off to put the kettle on.

Have a good Saturday won't you.


Sa said...

I have to confess that I was in bed at that time and snoring heavily! The sun was out 5 mins ago and now sadly gone again! We havent seen each other in weeks so lets do something fun soon

Cherub said...

Sounds lovely, all snuggled up under the blankets. I was awaken a little later than that from my slumber by a phone call but didn't get to it in time. But as I was awake I did my homework in bed under my quilt. Nice way to start a not so sunny Saturday, have a great weekend with the family xx

Deborah Godin said...

Oh, those delicious moments! Things are getting underway here, too. Trying to do a bit on the computer before heading out on my errands, and with Pearl trying to get on my lap and spread her tail over the keyboard. You know how insistent cats can be, she kept butting my mouse hand, so I finally had to resort to the solution used by all cat lovers - I picked her up, hugged her close and smothered her forehead with loud smoochy kisses. She squirmed away and wants absolutely nothing to do with me for a while! Now, where was I?

Technodoll said...

7am on a Saturday? Mmmm I think I'll snuggle down further and sleep some more, thank you!


Hope your day's skies dried up so you could enjoy outside time in the autumn leaves :-)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Sounds like my Saturday morning, but instead of a bed, I was on the couch!