Tuesday, 2 December 2008

On the Loom

We have a wool sleeping mat. And it is taking flipping ages! I have been working on this for days and it is not getting any longer it seems.
I will not be finished in time.

It is beautifully thick and warm, just the thing for chilly mornings in a tent. I meant to make three of course but what a drag they are turning out to be.
I won't be finishing it on time

And it is not as if I am ill equipped - those spikes are actually longer than my fingers! I can comb up a lot of wool and threading the resulting fluff through a diz and turning it into a roving is almost as much fun as spinning.

But I am not quick enough at the weaving and I have to face it that I am not going to finish it in time...

1 comment:

Technodoll said...

Those spikes look like a middle-age torture device, LOL!

Things always take longer and cost more than we plan, hun... but just think! Next time you tent out, they will all be done!

Perfect for January chillings...